Thursday, October 20, 2005

The Book of Psalms

Thanks Matthew for the link.

I turned out to be Psalms.

What are you?

another cool site -Mitch
I'll check out musto's wisdom on the ipod subject. Thanks for the tip. P.S. I am not "emergent", don't ever say that again.
I'm Romans... I guess thats correct. Thank for letting me come and hang out on saturday, I had a good time and I hope the kids did too. Talk to you later.
I'm Ephesians

Dude, to be a full-fledged blogger, you gotta get sitemeter and join the ttlb ecosystem.
Hey Adam,
Hope you're enjoying your time with the folks. I'm Ephesians.
Enjoy reading your writings.

Aunt Joy
Hey Adam...I am Proverbs! I don't have a problem with that one! Well, I can't wait until youth group tonight! See ya there!
Aunt Joy: You need to join the blogging world, Sis. You could call your site "life with Molly," and give daily updates on Molly's travails. I'd read it.
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