Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Dru is ill

Unfortunately this will be my post for the day. Dru has taken the day off because she is sick. I am currently gathering my belongings from church and heading home. I will play the role of caretaker. A role that I most gladly accept. It is a familiar role from the last school year and apparently I have been cast for the part once again.

If you would like to keep up with my studies in 1 Sammuel I will be reading chapter 7 and probably chapter 8 as well. Israels gonna get a king. Do I hear the sounds of empire once again? (Even though Jake doesn't read this thing that was for him. Oh, if you don't know who Jake is then check out the picture of him and todd on the blog. Jake is the one without glasses and Todd has the glasses.)

The reason I mention empire is because our Young Adult Sunday school class is studying the book of Colossians in relation to empire. I am reading a book called Colassians Remixed that deals with the subject. Very interesting. You can check it out here:


I will see you all tomorrow, or rather write to y'all tomorrow.


Oh no! Not again! I hope it's only a 24 hour deal. Adam, your a model husband.

Your a dip stick, but I love you like a brother, oh wait.
Get her healed quickly! We can't afford to pick up any free-wheeling germs when we arrive at your place. People our age are susceptible to things like that. Make sure you wear a surgical mask to protect yourself too!
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