Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Parents are Visiting

Most of you probably know that my folks are in town this week. I know that Leah and Dustin are enjoying their free week having the house all to themselves. We are having a good time here. To be honest, there isn't much to do in St. Joe but I think my parents are making due. Dad is about to go crazy not having many channels though. If you don't know, Dru and I have been living with only two channels for a year and a half. Dad can't seem to get this through his head. He continues to hold the remote even though there are no channels to change to. Old habits die hard I suppose.

All is well.


ROFL ;-)
Hmm...I wonder if you'll be developing a new habit like channel changing, since you recently got cable for your birthday gift from Dru? Will you be able to stay disciplined enough to not get too attached to the many channels you now have available with the click of a button? Only time will tell and hey, Eat A Bug!

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