Friday, November 18, 2005

David Crowder Band

Mitch, our associate pastor, and I had an opportunity to see Crowder last night. We saw the boys with Shane and Shane and the Robbie Seay Band. It was great. I love how they are able to recreate their very "produced" sound in a live setting. Yes, they do have to use electronically recorded stuff but it still makes it all the better.

Mitch and I saw them on the campus of Midamerica Nazerine. It was Crowders last stop on their Collision tour. Oddly enough they never played the title song. Oh well, the numbers they did do made up for it. I was most impressed with my favorite track on the new album called You Are My Joy. It was fantastic. Crowder called it their 'Rock Opera.'

We even got to here them do a semi-ok rendition of Free Bird by Skynard. They did this because several of their sound guys that were traveling with them usually travel with Skynard. I guess it was a good tribute. It certainly was fun, but you could definitely tell it was unrehearsed.

They ended the show with the Blue Grass favorite I'll Fly Away. That was a fun way to end the concert. All in all it was a great evening. I was dissapointed that Jamie couldn't go with us because he was feeling ill, but hey, that's his loss.

Check out Crowder's site here:


I checked out the sight. He looks like a very enthusiatic musician/singer. You didn't mention the wives, was this a boys night out?

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