Thursday, November 10, 2005

Fall Retreat

All this week I have been preparing for a Fall Retreat that we are going on tomorrow. I just got done with all of the powerpoint for worship. It's nice that that is done. I have asked Brad and Mustoe to come play this weekend. It's going to be great. Worship and a water park, what could be more fun? I just hope I get all of my transportation lined up. I might have to go rent a vehicle...yuck. Hopefully not. If you want to check out where we are going go here:

God Bless

I'll be praying for you all, wish I could help out. Have fun for me! Know that you all are always in my thoughts and prayers, have a GREAT time! God Bless
Adam, I checked out the website. Looks like a great/fun place to visit. Give me a call and tell me all about it.

Pssst - Adam. Blogging about your weekend retreat would be a good idea.
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