Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Church that is Emerging

I would like to include a link to a blog that my uncle wrote:

If you are interested in what the emerging church is then this blog will help. I admit that I loosely align myself with this "movement." I say loosely because I agree with many of the authors who fly this flag, particularly Brian McLaren, but I am afraid that it is becoming a fad more than a conversation as it was meant to be. To me emergence is not about candles and couches, but about good theology and right, missional living. It's the idea that I'm tired of living a lie. I'm tired of seperating my faith from my daily life. I'm trying, not to apply, but to imply the man called Christ to every pore of my being. I'm trying to innovate a new way to be a christian in a new world.

If you have time to listen go here I URGE you to do so:

Please don't take this lightly. The world is changing. This stuff matters. Wake Up!

thanksgiving update is at
Very interesting speech, Adam. I didnt get to listen to all of it, but it remimded me of the article you gave me tonight, while I was supposed to be writing my paper.


PS feel special, someone posted a comment on your blog!
Calds, If you don't send me the mission trip info soon, i swear i'm gonna do something crazy.

don't make me angry, punk, you wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

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