Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Danny's A Country Music Star(Well Side Kick)

Just want to let you all know that I am friends with someone who is famous. You can see his music video here:


It's the Jason Aldean video called Why. Danny Rader is the lead guitarist with the long blond hair and the long sleeve green shirt. He gets a couple of close up shots. I particularly like the one where he throws his hair back and looks very serious and contemplative all at the same time.

Danny...You know that I am not a big country fan, but it's great to see you doing your thing man. I know that Leah is proud. Hope to see you when you come to KC.


He's all grown up! I wouldn't have recognized him had you not pointed him out. How long has he been touring with this artist? What's Leah doing now?

Hey, We played with that guy!!! Does that mean, like, uh, we're sort of sort of famous now?

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