Thursday, December 22, 2005

Finally Saw Narnia

Well, yesterday Dru and I and Jake and Jeremy and Mitch...yeah I think that's it, all went to see Narnia. It was great. I agree with Dustin that there were a few cheesy cgi mishaps but overall it was a great movie. Oh, one more thing, I wish they would have made Aslan a little more "terrifying." He seemed a bit too cuddly for me. Lewis describes the children as being "terrified and exhilerated" all in the same instance. I could of used a little more for the section that Lucy and Susanne ride on his back. I imagined that part much better than the film. Ok...I will stop being a critic now.

I thought it was great that they released around Christmas time. I know that Disney only cares about revenues, but it was a good reminder for me that Christ's birth is all about his death and resurrection. What a beautiful thing. I will be looking forward to The Magician's Nephew and the creation of the world. That's section of the book is shere poetry. Beautiful.

Next up: King Kong (How is that for an advent flick?)


Rats Adam, your dad and I wanted to go see that next week with you.
Eat a bug!

Dad C
See all the movies in the theater that you can now, Adam, because when you start having children, it just doesn't happen. Blockbuster becomes your good friend.
going to see it on Tuesday . Cant' wait!!!
only realeased here today !!!
and the cinemas are shut until boxing day!!
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