Monday, February 13, 2006

"Love" Month

This being the love month I thought I would go ahead and list the top 10 things that I love.

1. God (Given)
2. Dru
3. Mom/Dad
4. Other Immediate Family
5. Friends
6. Music
David Crowder Band
Project 86
7. Reading
8. Golf
9. Football
10. Vacations
(Bonus)11. No Responsibility (Goes along with vacations)

There you have it.

On a side noter, the MuteMath concert was the best I have ever seen. Granted I haven't been to many concerts but this was the best. If you haven't check them out you need to. (See my other post for a link.)

When your kids come I'm assuming they will drop into the 3rd spot and we'll shuffle down one. That also means the tenth item (no responsibility) will fall completely off the chart.
Love ya kid.

Mr. C
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