Thursday, February 09, 2006

Stoked for MuteMath

Kelly, Mustoe, Jake, and I are all going to see MuteMath tonight. I am sssoooooo stoked about this one. They put on an amazing show. I will also be able to pick up their new album which is only available on tour. This has been a long awaited album for me. I first heard them in Dallas at a YS event. It was ridiculous. I would have bought their EP right then, but they didn't have them available. Fortunately Mustoe saw them with Crowder in St. Louis a few months later and was able to pick up the EP. The band is based out of New Orleans so the old hurricane put a kink in their plans I am sure.

I will let everyone know how the show was. Brad wish you could go. Enjoy that Robert Randolph.


AC: Are you surfer? Do you own a snowboard? No, you're just some scrawny kid from the Midwest. So, please, don't say "stoked" again - it doesn't become you. ;-)

- From your loving uncle
AAHH...but I have street cred because I lived in P.C. Not just your average midwest kid anymore. I would differ with the scrawny part as well. I becoming very "healthy" now that I am married.
You'd have bigger street cred if you had lived in Cali or Hawaii - I don't think P.C. gives you much, and yes I know that people surf there. Besides, when you lived there, did you surf regularly?
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