Monday, March 06, 2006

Been a While

I apologize. Mustoe is correct. Life has gotten in the way of my posts as of late. I guess I need to get my priorities straight.

I was sick though...if any of you had the same thing I had then I feel bad for ya. It wasn't fun.

We have our D-Now weekend coming up. It's going to be fun. Dustin is flying up to be our key-note speaker and Jamie and I will be doing the music. We had to scale back operations a bit due to the lack of participation, but everything will be cool. (Central, the local high school, is having their musical the same weekend. Bad planning on our part. Good show though. I saw it Saturday night.)

Anyway, Dru and I have had some exciting adventures as of late. Keep us in your prayers. Discerning is fun!!!!

By the way, we opened the Daily Office to the church for Lent. It's going well. We don't have a huge turn out but those who come seem to enjoy it. I think that the Lord is being honored in our efforts.

Until next time...Adieu

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