Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I'm Tired

I’m tired of wondering aimlessly in the unknown
Of cashing in on this life that is undeserved

Each morning I wake and give NO thought to your presence
Not a blink or a wink or the rub of my eye can shed the sleep that is within

“There is no rest for the wicked,” cries my heart
And that is how I sleep, in anguish and defeat

But I go on
Because that’s what I’m supposed to do

To struggle day in and day out to meet the standards
Of an insatiable culture that wants more and more and more

But there is no rest
There is no fulfillment

“All is vanity!”
PC, IPod, Xbox, Flat screen, Cell Phone, LCD, Blue Ray and HD

The lie that your world will be better and you better connected
While you son, daughter, mother, father long for your attention

Enslaved techno junkies of a new age
Filling the void with toys while young boys are forced to play with guns

“Turn your head” is the rally cry
“Forget about them, you must BUY…BUY…BUY!”

I’m tired…I’m tired…I’m tired

I’m tired of sleep walking
Longing for the day that I will wake up

Longing for the day to be slapped in the face and
Told, “’sell all you have’ and begin to walk in the light of grace.”

Until that day I walk on
Searching for the finish line and a glimpse of the divine

I’m tired

Dear Son,
There is a reason for our being here. Your purpose may not yet be fully revealed. Be patient and the day will come when you will see the "why" of it all. Keep perservering.
Mr. C
I'm not depressed...just thinking.
When you find your answer, please let me know. Your poem seems to speak for me as well.
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