Monday, March 27, 2006

Sermon Illustration

I had the opportunity to preach this past Sunday. We are going through a series inspired by the Dallas Willard book Renovation of the Heart. (An excellent read by the way.) Willard basis the five parts of us on the Great Commandment. (1.Heart 2.Mind 3.Body. 4.Social and lastly 5. Soul) Mitch and Jon spoke on the Heart, Mind and Will and it was my task to speak about the Body. So, in order to illustrate this I used these...Enjoy!!!

(Please remember this is all in good fun!!!)

Comments: did the parishners respond to your preaching and pictures. I see now why your beloved objected to the photos. A little scary looking.
I think that most everybody found it VERY ammusing. Of course people only said anything to me if they had something nice to say. But that's pretty typical right.

It went well.
DAMN! I blew my beverage through my nose laughing so hard. Nice triceps, Mitch! And Jon, umm... never mind.
- AB
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