Monday, April 03, 2006

First Book of Samuel Chapter 8

Once again Inder Comar gives us some insightful thoughts on our present political situation using the book of Samuel. Here it is. I still think we have time to stop this "rolling machine", but we better get active. Here is a taste if you don't want to read the whole post.

"The sad fact is that Americans today prefer the illusion of freedom to genuine freedom. American Idol, iPods, and every other product of delusional consumerism are far more attractive to modern citizens of the United States than the tough challenges associated with the reclaiming of liberty. A slave will hardly feel the weight of her chains if she never chooses to explore the limits of her life, and it is sad that the descendants of 200 years of republican government remain content to purchase consumer fantasies even while their chains grow heavier, their liberties are stripped from them, and their Earth is plundered into a catatonic hell-hole of environmental disaster.

"We want a king," the people exclaim. By doing nothing, we forsake the protections of Law and the blessings of Liberty in favor of the continued myopia of consumerism, a vile tincture which matches the waters of Lethe in its capacity for stupor and conformity. The November Congressional election is a mere eight months away -- if we continue to let terrorism scare us into submission, and if we continue to stand idly by as President Bush ascends each step into absolute power, by then, surely, we will know how deep the fall and painful the collapse of the republic of the United States of America."

Hmmmm...makes you wonder.

Adam: I can't believe that you'd link to something like this. Does this mean that you're ... *gasp* ... NOT a Republican????
Who would really want to claim either party anyway?
I am not distressed by the presence of any one individual who may happen to be President. The truth is, the President is only as powerful as Congress will let him be. The real danger is Congress itself, who perpetuate their own miserable existence by proposing and passing more and more legislation that we don't need. The President will pass off the scene. The legislators will be hung about our neck for decades. The sad truth regarding change in our government is, that it will only occur as a result of a serious crisis, maybe even it's own collapse.
There is no real difference in political parties anymore. The liberterians are close to what we need, but they don't have the political clout nor the self-interest necessary to take power from the establishment.
On another note, as I write this I'm listening to "Taco Tuesday" by the rock star Mustoe. Go Big Daddy!
Mr. C
father...I have to say that I am impressed by your humor as of late. Yes, I agree with the political statement that the liberterians are the closest to what we need, and no they do not have the political clout. I posted that Inder becuase I think its interesting...and I thought the picture was funny. :)
Adam: Just so you know, I'm a registered Democrat.
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