Wednesday, May 10, 2006

News of All Sorts

The Homefront

My mother emailed me yesterday to tell me about the large storm that went through Florida two nights ago. Dustin has a video up on his blog of the damage that ensued. Check it out. Dad and Dustin will have some work to do. I am glad that you are all safe though.

The Friendfront

In an earlier post I told that several of my graduating friends were making a trek to California to see the Price is Right. Well, here is the update. One of them made it on the show and won 6 grand. Abbey is her name and I congratulate her. If you would like to watch the episode I am told that it will be airing Monday morning. She will be the short, blond girl with a shirt that says "California Love." (Mom and dad you may remember her from spring break. She stayed at your house.) Congrats to abbey!!!

The Seminary Front

I found out that I was awarded two scholarships thus far. That is a blessing. Hopefully more aid will roll in. Keep Dru and I in your prayers. I mailed 26 cover letters-resume-references for her today. Our prayer is that God will open a door with those mailings.

A bit CONGRATULATIONS to Abbey and especially to you too, son. I'll be calling in a couple of days to give you heads up on our upcoming Alaskan cruise and then you can share with me too.
Shoot, that should have read, a "big"...
Congrats on the scholarships, man. Here is my theological question: were they a blessing to you, or did you earn them? Is there a difference?
Good question...At this point I am going to go with blessing and earned. I was "awarded" them because of shear application to the institution. Well, one of them anyway. (Meaning all MDiv students recieve that scholarship) The other I am assuming was given to me because of my previous academic studies and recommendations. I think, not really sure though.
Just got off the phone with your father and in the back ground I could here "Lord, God Almighty..." coming from your singing voice. It was beautiful to listen too. Love you son!!!
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