Thursday, May 04, 2006


I love Spring. The warmer weather. The blooming flowers. Golf on the weekends. The "greenness" of it all. It's great. But there is one thing I CANNOT stand. Allergies!!!!! I am in agony here.


You get the idea. I finally called the doctor today so maybe there will be a prescription at CVS waiting for me to pick it up. That's my prayer. I can't shake those tiny little pollenses. Who would have thought that something so small could knock out something so extraordinarily muscular. (Seriously, just look at the picture.)

Allergies are awful. :(

You KNOW that you have MY sympathies...
Hope you feel better broseph.
Hey, get on Singular(one-a-day), Padinol(eye drops twice a day) and 4 allergy shots a week and all those symptoms will go away. I started on all this 3 weeks ago and I have no symptoms now. Yipeeyeah!!!
Oops, it's Singulair. Oh, and thank you God for insurance, because all this treatment is pricey without it.
I suspect that your watery eyes is symptomatic of watching The Colbert Report :)

Hope you get better quick Adam.
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