Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Annual Conference

First of all, it is a blessing that I sit before you now and write this post. Writing this post means that I survived Annual Conference yet again! Whew!!!

I must say that it really was not bad this year. I actually enjoyed myself for most of the time. Granted, some of that time was spent playing disc golf, watching V for Vendetta, and simply hanging with the "Burn Boys," but overall it was a good time.

Here are 3 things I enjoyed:

-I am pleased with the direction that our Bishop is taking us. It is about time we have a Bishop who recognizes that "revitalization" MUST take place.

-Being a Young Adult, I was skeptical when I heard they were going to have a young adult panel for the Monday morning teaching hour. After hearing them, they did great. I think the best advice given, this really goes for any ministry be it young adult or not, was ministries often have to reinvent themselves every 2 to 3 years.

-The Budget. I know what your thinking, "Why would he enjoy the budget?" Let me tell you. There was absolutely no discussion whatsoever. It was fabulous. The budget was presented. The "call to question" was submitted and the budget was passed. The entire assembly erupted in applause. It was great!

Yes...There were things that I didn't enjoy. I am trying my best to stay positive for this particular post. Perhaps the others will come out shortly, but for now I intend on smiling.

glad you enjoyed yourself at least some of the time, but who are the "burn boys"
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