Monday, June 19, 2006

Confession's of a Football Mind

In the words of Dave Grohl, "I've got another confession to make." I was pleasantly surprised by this passed weekends events. As many of you know, Dru and I don't have cable. Please don't feel sorry for us. It is a personal choice that we have made. This being the case, we only have but two channels. The first being TBN and the second being ABC or locally KQ2. To say the least, our viewing opportunities are limited. We still get to watch great shows like Grey's Anatomy and Lost, and even though I am not a huge NBA fan, I have enjoyed this years finals.

This past weekend was the U.S. Open (for golf). If given the choice I most definitely would have chosen to watch that event. I know that there were many exciting moments that I missed and that makes me sad. That's not my confession however. Here is my confession:

This past weekend I actually enjoyed watching The World Cup!

Now, if you truly know me, you might be wondering if Hell has frozen over at this very second. "What is he thinking?" probably also comes to mind. I know there are those who would nay say the festivities. To be perfectly honest I would have joined them in the past. But my mind has been opened. True, the scoring is limited but I found the action to be riveting.

Now, I am not going to say that watching soccer will ever take the place of a Buckeye football game. That's not even a question to consider. I will say that I don't know that I can continue to criticize the most recognized/played game in the world.

I think American sport has its finnest moment. However the intensity of the World Cup is really above the intensity level of the Super Bowl + NBA final combined. Soccer is really a pure sport game (no constant time out, sideline coaching, quarterback with microphone, entertaining cheerleaders, and ever ending beer commercials). Unfortunately MLS is not really up to the level and skill of many European/South American teams. Thus most American audiences are not often exposed to good games and have little opportunity watching skill talent of the good players. With limit and bad exposure, people tend to put down the game. If you open your mind, you may find that soccer is a great game, and is more about sport than entertainment.
TBN and ABC ... now that is what I call suffering :)

Been swamped at work ... just catching up ... have you moved yet?

Thanks for asking. No, we won't be moving until the end of July. Right now we are in LA on a work camp. Good times.
soccer rules
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