Thursday, June 29, 2006

Katrina Relief

Just so everyone knows I am posting this at 1:09 a.m. and have worked hard for the last three days gutting homes so if this doesn't make sense then I apologize.

You know what, I can't concentrate. I will tell you about when I return. Until then, check this out.

Looking forward to you post. God is rewarding you as we speak, for all your hard work this week.
Hope you had spiritually enriching time. Remember that your labours there were not in vain.

Mrs. C.: You've made an intriguing statement. In what way do you believe God is rewarding Adam "as we speak"? Do you think he is getting rewards in the IMMEDIATE NOW, or that he will receive rewards in Heaven, or both?
Hmm...okay Matthew, your gonna make me think. Immediately because the owners of the homes they were working on were very appreciative. In Heaven because that's where we as Christians will receive our greatest rewards from our Heavenly Father. Well done thy good and faithful servant.
Better get back to posting! You know what Christians say about the Devil and idle hands ...
freethinker...good to see you are still around. I have one for today.
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