Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Left Behind Video Game

I kid you not folks. Check it out for yourself. What has this world come to?

Ooooh! Do I get to kill people in Jesus' name? Do I get to play as the Antichrist?
Ok, as soon as I saw the game box I just started laughing and then Matthew's comment made me laugh even harder...which I guess is to say, what a joke this is!
I've never been into playing video games, but I say "why not".
Coincidentaly(?) you do get to kill "infidels" in Jesus name. Does that sound like something else?

Hmmm...Mother it matters because they are pushing a very incorrect interpretation of revelation and God's Kingdom as it should be understood. It matters because by saying that it is ok to kill someone if they won't repent because they are going to end up in Hell anyway, we are not living out the message to 'love thy neighbor'.

Yes Matthew, ironically you can play as the AntiChrist as well. If you shoot an "innocent" person then your 'spirit points' go down and you might lose the game.
It just seems twisted. There will be 2 kinds of people playing this game I think: 1. Christians who are hard core in there feelings of non-christians thereby killing in Jesus name as referenced above and 2. Maybe those who hate Christians so that they can take their frustrations out on them via killing them in a video game where they are playing as Anti-Christ. WHAT! Why would any sane person want to pretend they're Anti-Christ?!?! It's just bizarre!
Okay...when ya'll explain the game in those terms, then I'm with ya. It's very bizarre! So let me ask you this, since you're so against playing this game, will you think twice about playing some of your more "violent" games?
Excellent point Mrs. C. Are the rest of you saying that videogame violence is fine when it is senseless and completely fake, but not this, not that this is fine, but still. And Leah, I think that a third type of person might play the game, the one making fun of it. Steph
NO-It's not necesarily the violence that disturbs me. It's the violence in Jesus name that makes me squirm...and the fact that those involved literally see this as an evangelistic tool.
Is it equally creepy that as American's we often go to war thinking that God is on our side? It is a fairly obvious contradiction to kill in Jesus' name on the video may be more subtle, but even more disturbing to think we are killing off the people of Iraq by the same authority. Or is that a stretch? -Mitch
Get thee behind me, Antichrist, or I'll throw the Holy Handgrenade of Antoich at you!
um... that's Antioch.
cool! great blog!
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