Saturday, July 29, 2006

Needed Update

Blessings and peace! Dru and I have a place to live! We were given the opportunity to rent a town house two blocks away from the seminary and we jumped on it. (Not the actual house but the deal.) The rent will be less than we are paying here in St. Joe and we will have almost twice as much space. That is a huge blessing and weight off our shoulders. To many of you this is old news and I apologize to those I have not told yet.

The day of move is drawing nigh. Monday morning I pick up the truck at 9:00 am and the guys and gals will be over to help load. I am sure that it will be a hot sticky affair because the weather is so darn hot. (It's supposed to be over 100 the remainder of this weekend and on into next week.)

To the few youth that read this, I realize you probably won't have a chance to read until you return from your trip, I say thank you for all of the memories. It's an old cliche but y'all have had an impact on me more than I ever could have dreamed of impacting your lives. Remember the Kingdom is available now. Choose to live in it!

More from the other side soon.

Hey, good news on the town house. Have fun moving (yikes!)
Hey I didn't read what you wrote, because it was like three paragraphs and i don't have to start reading again for another three weeks.

I'm just leaving a comment to let you and Dru know that you guys are amazing, and now that I'm 18 I've matured a whole lot since we knew eachother, so if there was something I did that was annoying during the week of your family and I's friendship, I probably don't do it anymore because, well, I'm just that mature.

OkAY BYE! You guys are great!
-janelle (from the missions trip)
Great news about the new place. Blessings to you both as you settle in. Keep us posted on the cemetery ... er, seminary (okay it is an old joke but I still think that it is funny) scene.
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