Tuesday, August 15, 2006


"Blink...And you miss a beat. Keep one of your eyes opened at all times." -Incubus

That's about how things have been going. Dru just found out today that she will be receiving 9/10 time instead of the 7/10 she was originally given a contract for. What a blessing that is. We also made a deal on a four year old washer and dryer set yesterday. I think we got a good price for them considering what they cost new.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us. If you could please continue to pray that would be great. Dru and I are in the process of finding a home church. Fun but stressful at the same time. Since Dru is a P.K. and I went wherever my folks went and just came out of working for a church, we have never really "searched" for a home church on our own before.

The first week we were here we went to a local mega church because Dru was feeling stressed and just wanted to blend in. The worship was great, but I expected that. The entire stage was decorated as a backyard complete with grass, a picket fence, a full house mock up, even lawn bean bags and a tire swing. The message was ok. Not incredibly deep but good nonetheless.

This past week we went to the local Free Methodist church in town. I have never been to a Free Methodist church. From what I can gather, the Free Methodist church is the more conservative of the Methodists. They still ordain women and all that good stuff, but their appears to be more of a "God and Country" theme going on. I actually enjoyed worship somewhat. They had a band but were singing Twila Parris songs. (Mom, you would have loved it.) The sermon was very good. Something to munch if you know what I mean. I don't know that we will go back. I got a copy of the doctrine and don't completely line up with all of their core doctrines. It was a very good church though and the Minister of Students even stopped in while we were doing laundry at the laundry mat last night. That was nice. I think the main reason why we won't be going back is because the dude is from Michigan. He actually said, and I quote, "I bleed blue." AAAHHHHH!!! Run away!!! What else can I say?

So, how would you guys go about finding a church? Dru and I really aren't partial to any particular denomination. We know that the music will be better at a large but we just don't know if we are large church people. We know that the community will be great in a small country church, but we don't know if we are small country church people. This is hard. What do we do? Please Help!


Congrats on the job news, that is great. Perhaps you can check out the websites of the local churches, at least the ones that have websites, to see about their core beliefs. Take care
I have excellent advice for you. You should be like the girls in the Madeline books (when you have a girl of your own, you will understand what I'm talking about - perhaps Dru knows about Madeline) when you're considering churches: "We smile at the good, and frown at the bad."
You are off to a good start and doing the right things looking at constitution/by-laws and doctrinal statements. All are good practices. It is confusing, but....after you have sampled a few services (and it's important to go to Sunday evening and Wednesday night to get the whole picture)at several churches, my experience has been that usually one of those will emerge in your heart and mind as the "head and shoulders" best of the bunch. You and Dru will find yourselves in total agreement, and you will just know that it is the place for you. This is one of those times in your life that you are actively seeking to know God's supernatural will for you. Just be patient. You'll find your place, and when you do, it will be wonderful. Our last search took us eight weeks to find the place that feels right.
I'd say start with whats closest to you and work out in concentric circles.
Wow Mustoe, That is some really deep advice! I disagree with dad in the Sunday night and Wed night thing (no surprise there I'm sure.) A lot of great churches don't have those services so you would be cutting your list down quite a bit if that's what you're looking for. I'm not a huge fan of mega churches either but some do it right and really focus on small groups as a way for deeper peer relationships. Here's a thought: If you're willing to go outside the traditional, I'm sure there are some great campus groups that you and Dru could get involved with. It might not be on "Sunday morning" but the message and fellowship might be closer to what you're looking for, and you'd get another morning to sleep in! Love you guys!
I would pick the one with the cleverest funny saying on the marquee.
("Come in for a 'faith' lift!" or something like that.)
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