Monday, September 11, 2006

Classes and Stuff

I'm in the library again. I just got done re-copying my notes from my last philosophy class. (Something I never would have done in my undergrad.) It seems to be a good class. We are currently reading a book titled Metaphysics: Constructing a World View which from what I can gather deals with the simple question: What is there? To which the answer is...Everything! Stew on that for a bit why don't ya.

I am actually reading another book called God and History which deals with the shaping of Christian thought by classical Greek Philosophy and traditional Hebrew thought. They seem to parallel each other quite nicely and I am glad that I have both courses at the same time. It's also cool that this book was written by the professor that is teaching the class. Neat.

Amidst all of that reading, I am also reading the classic Life Together by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Now that's a good read! Simple and to the point, but chalked full of golden nuggets for the kiddies. It's interesting though, I find myself disagreeing with about half of what Bonhoeffer suggests for the "good" of the community. Perhaps it is the running cliche of modernity and post-modernity rearing it's ugly head. I'll have to stay conscious of that.

Dru and I had 6 couples over this past Saturday night. I think it was a total of 14 people when it was all said and done. We all brought our own grub and grilled out on the back patio. I, of course, watched the game with a few other folks but we mainly just sat around, talked and enjoyed each others company. This may turn into a regular thing on Saturday nights. I suppose you could say that this place is beginning to feel more like "home."

I'm happy for you! How's the church hunting going?
Cool. I'm reading Metaphysics, too.
link fixed. Meredith and I had a great time with ya'll this weekend. See you later
hey man, if you're not all busy being equipped as a pastor, go here:
i am real glad to here everything is going well. we all miss you adam.

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