Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Philosophy 501

I'm sitting in the library at 8:45 waiting for the bookstore to open. I have to get one book for my first class this morning PH501. I have already heard that a lot of morning classes have been canceled because of a staff prayer meeting. I would like to have class, but it is encouraging to know that prayer is held in high esteem around these parts. I guess we will see how it goes.

I just finished "Out of the Question and Into the Mystery" yesterday. Leonard Sweet is the author. It was a great read. I recommend it for any small groups y'all might have. Check it out here. Sadly, it will be the last book that I have chosen to read for a while. 13 total books and two reading packets will occupy my time for the next semester.

I'll let you know how this first day turns out.

*I want to make a public apology to my brother in law Dustin. Sorry we didn't holla at your birthday man. A card is on the way. Love ya!*

Good luck on your first day! Kids back here in Joe Town have been in school for awhile...well, we all miss you so much! Oh, I wanted to tell you, a group of us prayer students are meeting at the flag pole every morning at 700am. We are expecting to have 150 kids, hopefully more, at see you at the pole...thanks for starting it up! We are on a role...I will talk to you later!

Makayla <><
I found you. Glad to jump in this frying pan with ya.
No worries, I know you guys are very busy. I just hope you can keep up with everything.

Oh, and thanks for the flattering pic!

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