Thursday, November 02, 2006

The In-Famous couches

Well there you have them in all their glory.

very nice
They look really great, but I'd like to see the square pattern on the pillows...
man, it's about time! looks good though!
that was supposed to say 'Leah' I am having typing issues this morning
That's OK Leah. Your brother is having spelling problems too. The second "there" should be "their".
The furniture looks great!

It's ok Leah...Pops seems to be having "I'm a jerk." problems this morning.
Hey, I didn't call anyone a nasty name. I can just feel the love.

Okay children, let's be kind to Pops.
happy for you. that must be great to finally have them
They look great!!
Aunt Joy
Wow. You put up two pictures of a couch, and you get 10 comments. Maybe I should do that....
doesn't count when it's all chad
Comments are comments, Adam, no matter who writes them.
Hey, I want to be counted...
Did you not hear me, Brenda? I just said that you counted. BTW, you're lucky that I'm defending you, especially when you ABSOLUTELY REFUSED to come see your family when you had the chance....
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