Monday, March 05, 2007

200 and Counting

Apparently this is my 200th post. Is that a milestone? Who knows? Who cares?

I thought that the content of this post could be focused on the role of God. Dr. Allen Coppedge is my Doctrine professor for this semester. It's a lot of work but certainly an enjoyable class. We have primarily been using the hermeneutic lens of Trinitarian theology to view all other subsequent doctrines. It's a great approach! By doing this we are able to see God in His true relational form. (That is God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.) This seems to be extremely important to me considering the Western church has had a long history of reducing or focusing on God's oneness rather than His threeness. A darn shame.

I leave you with a quote from Dr. Coppedge soon to be published book Triune Theism.

"The nature of the Trinity with the desire for redemption and sustenance is a further testimony that the purpose of creation was not merely an arbitrary expression of the creative will of the Sovereign concerned to manifest his glory. It is apparent that redemption and sustenance would be meaningless to some perfectly static cosmos. Only in a dynamic process in which potential must be nurtured and maintained, in which it can be realized and lost, are these aspects of the being of God involved...The purpose of creation was a dynamic unfolding of a relationship between created persons and uncreated Persons in which created persons cam increasingly to share the character of the Uncreated, in particular to participate in that Love that is the most central expression of what it is to be Holy." -Dr. Allen Coppedge

I also have a secret to tell you...I now consider myself a "recovering" Calvinist. Oh how things change. (SHHH...Don't tell anyone.)

i miss you
what? that's a pretty huge secret, are you sure you want that to get out?
So is it God's plan that you are now a "recovering" Calvinist (and, really, where did you get that Calvinism anyways? I doubt you got it at CMU, or even the VBT), or did you decide that from your own free volition?
The silly presbyterians gave it to me.

I actually think that the Wesleyans focus too much on freedom. I think that's stems from an American Democratic perspective.

We should focus more on "will" rather than "choice".

As a good Anglican would, I suppose I'm trying to find the Via Media or Middle Road so to speak.
I want to clarify:

I think that some individules over obsess the idea of "free choice". This probably comes from our North American Dream idealogy of picking ourselves up from our own boot straps. Depravity is certainly an issue that one can not take lightly.

I think the conversation needs to be refraimed from "choice" to "will". As in, "Not my will, but your's be done."

I thank my good friend Allen for this particular insight.
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