Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ashville Visit

This past weekend Dru and I visited her sister in Ashville, North Carolina. It was great! The weather was beautiful. The mountains were beautiful and I got to see my nephew score his first points of the season for basketball. What more could an uncle want? The only downside, we forgot to bring home our camera otherwise I would have some photos for you. Thanks to the Gregory's for a marvelous time.

Addendum: Pictures are up!

Geesh... I was so looking foward to some shots of the mountains.
Ashville is one of my family's fav-o-rite places ever! When we lived in Charlotte, I was blessed to work in Ashville a lot and Sarah and I used to like to drive over and hang out too. Very hippy-chic. The Biltmore, the Wolfe home, the air...I can't wait to go back. Hope you are enjoying break.
Love the mountain shots and the the girls and their uncle making cookes, I presume. Oh, and the little guy poppy his head out past your right shoulder. Very cute!!!
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