Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Heart Whispers

Yeah I know, it's somewhat of a sappy title. I tend to say it using a lisp, which if you know me you can probably guess what that sounds like. Anyway, we have been reading this book for VOM and journaling on each chapter for the past 7 weeks. I thought I would share my last journal with you. There is no particular spiritual insight but I thought it was interesting after reflecting on it for a while.

Chapter 7 – Stability

What an issue for our day and age. If ever there was a time in history that people needed to know the importance of stability it would certainly be our transient culture. I’m not saying that our culture is unique in the fact that we are nomadic, but we may be unique in the fact that we are nomadic with structured and centered communities. Communities that are able to provide the stability that we need in our lives.

This makes me even more excited about the possibilities of moving to St. Louis and beginning our mission. It will for sure take fortitude that will require the need for stability. There is no cut and run when it comes to that type of work. We must be present on a regular basis to make an impact in people’s lives. I look forward to that day. God help me not to lose sight of your dream.

Prayer Experience:

Matthew 7:24-27

It’s raining outside right now so it’s fitting that these verses should be read on this day. I often wonder what exactly those torrential down pours will be for our future ministry. Will they be monetary and support problems? Most likely. Will we lose our wits about us? Probably at times. Can we expect to be scoffed at and told we are not making a difference? I would say definitely. That then makes me wonder what exactly our foundational rock will be. Perhaps, it will be strength in the assurance to know that our God will supply all our needs. Those needs will not only being physical, but emotional as well. I have to admit that I am scared at times. I’m just a punk suburban white boy looking to change the world. I’m also scared for my future family and their safety. Through all of those anxieties I have to rely on God and I have to know that he WILL supply all of our needs. Lord, you are the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. You know my heart more clearly then I could ever know it. Purify me and make me clean so that I may be fit for your service. Wash me from the inside out so that what proceeds from my inside is clean. I love you! I love you! I love you! Help me to feed your sheep. Amen.

Beautiful prayer Adam...see ya real soon.
I see that the VoM curriculum has changed in the past year, or has gotten flexible for different professors. We had to read a different set of books selected by some committee.
you're such a poet...with a flaming heart to match. I'm glad for the fruit borne in your soul from reflections in this class (the not so fun at times one...). You're a good brother, and you have a great picture/vision of ministry: hard, yet good. We'll stand with you guys in that.

much love
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