Monday, April 09, 2007

Reading Week

This past week was reading week (aka., Spring Break). I absolutely accomplished no reading during this past week! Good for me.

Dru and I had a great time in Florida though. Everything was great, except for this. I was able to play some golf with mom, dad, and D. That was fun. I didn't shoot what I would have like but I can't really complain considering I hadn't played since Thanksgiving.

Dru and I were able to share a Good Friday mini-service with mom and dad. That was good.

Most important news: My sister is pregnant! Weird...but a very good weird! You all can start calling me Uncle now.

D has some pictures up from golf and a lot more info on the pregnancy. Check it out!

congrats man. And arent you already an uncle? But that's great news
Well, he's only an uncle by marriage at this point. He'll finally be an uncle by blood!
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