Monday, May 28, 2007

Baby Train

Amberly has informed us that the contractions have started. We are on call to take care of the Morgan and Dru has already called in her "emergency" day for tomorrow. Hopefully we will meet a new youngn' come morning. It wouldn't hurt to pray.

Note: Dru is actually boiling water as I type...Home births are perplexing and amazing!

Update: We are still waiting and it is now 11:00 am. Morgan and I are watching Emperor's New Groove at the moment. It's a good one. I'll keep you posted.

Update Updated: Bouncing Boy at 3:34 p.m. 9.5 pounds. Amberly stated and I quote, "He has a very large head." Both Mom and baby are doing well, but continued prayers are certainly appreciated. Still waiting on the official name. Oh yeah, just got done watching Cinderella. It's a classic.

Update Updated Update: URGENT PRAYER!!! Athen(?), the new youngn', is in the hospital. Little man was taken this morning to be treated for lack of oxygen. He was having a hard time breathing. They still don't know exactly what is wrong. For those of you wondering, no, this has nothing to do with the home birth...odds are this would have happened anyway. Keep them in your prayers. All involved need sleep and need the piece of mind to get that much needed rest. Mom, aka Amberly, is doing just fine.

Did I miss the water boiling........?

yeah, there will be no water boiling for my delivery...home births = scary!
I don't know Adam, I think you may have married a midwife in the making!
CONGRATULATIONS TO AMBERLY...she's an amazing and brave woman to have her baby at home. Blessings to the whole family. And Adam, I'm proud of you for giving Morgan the attention she needed.
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