Thursday, May 24, 2007

my new haircut

has everyone had the chance to check out my new groovy haircut? I must admit that it's not as hot as my normal "samson hair" as ryan calls it, but one has to get his money's worth out of a cut right?

anyways, if you haven't seen the new look you should come by and check me out.

you should really let me cut it next time....I cut my own back when I had "metal hair"w
Adam, what, you tease us about your hair cut and don't post a photo. Come on now, get a picture up!
Be comforted in knowing that I am keeping the "Samson cut" in the family. In another month when we come to see you I should be in full bloom.

you've all been dupped...first of all, I am no longer friends with the guy who posted will know him by the referenced name in the post...second, my hair looks no different than the picture provided...I just got it trimmed.
Whatever...we're heading south for the weekend. I call you tomorrow sometime.
that's what you get for calling my wife a hippy...
I think she can handle herself...
you still look like a girl...
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