Saturday, June 02, 2007

Athan's Journey

Chad started a blog for Amberly and Ryan so that people can be updated on the status of Athan. You can find it here. A lot has happened in the past few days but they have done a great job at keeping everyone informed. You will find that the most recent news is good news.

Sorry it has taken me until now to post this. I worked 32 hours in the past three days at Webasto making Sunroofs. I can't complain though compared to the 35 hours that Sarah's husband Alan put in.

I've only really done 2 of the many jobs on the Nissan line. A job called "Materials", which consists of keeping everyone stocked with, you guessed it, the right materials, and "Tracks" which consists of screwing extremely small screws through little, tiny plastic pieces into metal, you guessed it again, tracks.


I'd love to visit your plant while we're up this month. Is that doable?

Wow - you mentioned and linked to almost everyone in "the fam" in this post - what about me!? Just kidding! problem
i can't imagine the work you're doing is just exactly what your heart longs to do. i pray that this summer surprises you with elements of spiritual formation and growth.

thanks for all you love and prayers with our kiddos and us!
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