Thursday, November 29, 2007

Baby Buckeye at 8 Weeks

Dru and I have recently visited three physicians. Two MD's and one midwife. Unfortunately, even here in Kentucky, there are no birthing centers. Well, at least not in the greater Lexington area. This was and continues to be a disappointment for Dru and I. Dru is fearful of a home birth, and frankly I don't blame her, so it seems that we are stuck going the Hospital route. So much for the American sense of choice. Anyway, Ryan has deemed, and I think rightly so, this kid "Baby Buckeye".

Dru is doing well and is now at 11 weeks today. She is hungry all the time and her body is beginning to "change". I think its cute but she has other ideas. Continue to pray for the health of Dru and the Baby. Also, pray for peace about my trip to India. It's coming up pretty close and has added some financial and overall strain to our lives. A BIG thank you to those of you who gave towards this trip from Ashland and elsewhere. You have been a great blessing.

Enjoy the picture...if you're close to this area and would like to see a 35 second tape of an ultra sound stop on by.

P.S.-I'm still a bit skeptical if you were wondering. For all I know they could have just popped in an old ultra sound. Who knows? Maybe they just want us to think we're pregnant to suck us financially dry. Hey, it's a possibility. You can't rule it out and neither can I.

Ok...Ok...I'm workn' on it.

One last thing...I did think that it was cute that the CRL measurement stands for "Crown to Rump Length."

better than kid dune
congrats again!! I know your mother is very excited to finally be a grandma and now to have 2 in less than a year. Looking forward to seeing you both at Christmas.
Love, Aunt Joy
What, you're still skeptical! You do realize that since Dru hasn't had her "monthly" for 11 weeks, this can only mean that she is pregnant. need to let go of this skepticism and embrace this special time of your lives. God will take care of all your needs, especially this precious "baby buckeye".

Love you much...Mom
its good to see the word rump used in a medical context, as opposed to the "all i wanna do is zooma zoom zoom zoom in da' boom boom, just shake your rump!"

we can discuss the irony here later.
I have no idea what I am looking at, brings back memories.

Good job man!
Congrats, guys!

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