Friday, January 18, 2008

Baby Buckey Picture Week 16 (Now 18)

This was taken just before I left to go to India. (Thank you to Dru for keeping you all posted by the way. I think she would be pretty good at this here blog thing don't you?) We'll take another one in two weeks. Dru and I have an appointment this morning at 10:30. It is our 18 week check up. I don't think that there will be an ultrasound to find out the sex this week but if there is I will certainly keep you posted.

Oh yeah, just so you know, there is already a difference in Dru's tummy from this picture till now. I noticed when I got home two days ago. It's a bit surreal but definitely cute.

I put the other picture on just cause I like it!

Sooooo Cute!!!
very cool you two!
can't wait to see the belly in person!

miss yall.
So cute! Love you guys!!
What a lovely baby bump you have, Drucilla.
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