Tuesday, January 08, 2008

REPORT FROM INDIA -- phone call #5

Just a quick report -- Adam called me earlier this evening to let me know that he's feeling much better...and that Ryan is sick. So, now he's taking care of Ryan one day after Ryan finished taking care of him. My prediction is that the entire class will come down with this virus before they come home.

Adam's voice sounded tired, but he said that he felt fine. Although he didn't get sick during the past 24 hours, he had to spend the whole day in bed getting his strength back. He's eager to get to work with the children, students, and teachers there. While he was sick in bed, several of the kids kept asking Ryan, "Where is Adam?" :)

Thank you for the continued prayers, and please add Ryan and their other sick classmates to your thoughts.

Dustin and Matthew -- I remembered to give him your message this time!

Oh goodness...poor Ryan. I've been praying earnestly for their whole group. Dru, how are you doing? Love, Brenda
I'm doing fine -- my grad classes have started this week. So, Tuesdays and Wednesdays I drive to Georgetown after work. I've been tired, but I can manage. Our friends here are so sweet that I've had to turn down multiple dinner invitations on the same night. Thanks for asking!
our poor sick hubbies....

miss them

miss you
Amberly -- are you sure your kids aren't up to a 22 hour drive...?

It's not the same without you. I'm counting down the days until I get to hug your neck.
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