Sunday, January 06, 2008

REPORT FROM INDIA -- phone calls #1 and #2

This is Dru -- I figured Adam's blog readers would be curious to know how he's doing abroad, so I'll do my best to report after I hear from him.

I've already been blessed to hear his voice twice! I was hoping to get two phone calls total, so receiving two in 5 days is more than wonderful. The first one came Thursday night during the 4 hour bus ride from the India airport to the place where they're staying. The conversation was about 2 minutes long. I could tell Adam was tired, but hanging in there. He had been traveling since noon the previous day, so I was relieved he was only a few hours away from a place to rest. The only report from that phone call was that they had arrived safely in India and were almost at their destination.

This morning, I was thrilled to hear from him again. We were able to talk for 3 1/2 minutes this time, and he had much more to share. He said he was in no danger of losing weight, because they're being fed very well. I asked about the food, and he said they're American-izing it by not making it as spicy as they normally would. Apparently it's tasty and filling. They have toilets indoors to use, as long as they get a bucket of water to flush it, so there's no discomfort there. He said it's kind of like camp.

So far he's been given two nicknames. Some of the kids call him "Donnie" after the captain of the India cricket team, who he apparently resembles, and there's a lady who calls him "Satina" which means the strong one. :) I immediately thought of the movie "The Count of Monte Cristo" where the main character is given the nickname "Satara" which means driftwood. ... I think Adam has the better of the two.

Anyway, he sounded very happy and energized. Earlier that day he helped lead the music during worship, and our buddy Ryan Strebeck gave the message. I'm sure the two of them will continue to help during worship throughout the next week and a half.

Obviously, I miss him more than I can say, but I'm grateful that God has given him this opportunity to serve other people and learn from them in the process. Please continue to pray with me for his safety and his spirit, along with the other students and their professor.

(On a side note, we are in week 16 of our pregnancy -- according to one of the books the doctor gave us, Baby Buckeye's fingerprints will begin to develop this week. !!! It's both amazing and a little freaky that the identity of our child is being formed by God right this very moment. Adam took a picture of my stomach at 4 months before we left to take him to the airport, but I'm not very blog that won't get posted until he returns. The doctor says we should know if it's a boy or a girl sometime soon, so we'll share that big news as soon as we find out.)

D. I am glad you are giving us updates. Please keep it up as we are praying for him daily. If you have a moment in your next conversation please tell him we are proud of him.
Yup, ditto to what Dustin said. It was so good to be with you guys at Christmas. Hopefully we'll see you sometimes this year, although it's not looking like we'll be down in Florida for spring break this year.
Dustin and Matthew, thanks for the support -- it's comforting to know you are thinking of Adam. I will definitely give him your messages the next time he calls. Thanks, also, for your prayers.
great to hear an update! I hope you're hanging in there as well! I remember when Dustin went to Honduras for 12 days and I was in Ohio by myself, it was very lonely. I think he was only able to call me like one time and it was miserable...ok, maybe I've made you feel worse now and that was NOT the intention! We're continuing to pray for the both of you! Love you!
You didn't make me feel worse! But, you did make me laugh, so thanks. Yes, I miss him, but we have amazing friends who have taken me in already. So far, I haven't eaten dinner alone since Adam left, so I've been in good company.
Dru, thank you so much for the update! Sounds like you are holding up well. Please know that I have been praying for you as well as Adam. Love, Brenda
Yes, indeed, thank you for letting us know how the boy is doing. I'm glad to hear he is not starving. the "strong one" is appropriate don't you think?
Love you both.

I think they are calling him Donnie because he looks like Donnie Wahlberg from New Kids on the Block.
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