Monday, January 07, 2008

REPORT FROM INDIA -- phone calls #3 and #4

Well, I've received 2 calls today... The first one was pretty unnerving -- Ryan called and left a message while I was teaching to say that Adam had come down with a virus. Apparently a couple of people from their group came down with something similar, so they weren't worried about his well-being, but he was suffering from constant nausea and wasn't able to keep anything down. In the voice mail, Ryan said that Adam was handling it well and staying even tempered, like usual, but that he had been ill multiple times through the night. He also shared Adam's request that I make a phone call to start the prayer chain at our church.

The next phone call I got was a little before 9 this evening, which was 7:30 am their time. Ryan told me Adam was doing much better and that he had been able to sleep through the night without being ill. He still hadn't eaten anything, but the nausea was tapering off. Then he handed the phone to Adam so I could talk to him myself. He sounded tired and weak, but I could tell he was beginning to feel better -- he had a hopeful voice. He said he was lucky to be feeling better already because another guy from their class had been sick since the 2nd day they got there. Obviously, we only spoke for about a minute or so, but it was wonderful to hear him. I asked him to have Ryan call me if he began to get sick again, so hopefully I won't hear from them anytime soon!

I apologize to Dustin and Matthew -- I was too busy asking him about dehydration and telling him that he's been covered with prayer, and I forgot to give him your message... However, I'll remember it next time.

Thank you all for praying for Adam, and for me, during his trip. Oh! Please note that Adam doesn't want me to tell him who wins the championship game tonight. I'm taping it for him and he wants to find out himself. So, if you discover that you're tempted to share the news either in a blog comment, email, or voice mail, please respect his wishes and keep it under your hat! If nothing else, do it for my sake. The only time he's tough to live with is when he's disappointed about something pertaining to Ohio State. On that note -- Go Bucks! I hope they slaughter LSU.

Oh goodness, I sure hate to hear that he's been sick. I'll pass this info. to both our churches for prayer as well. Love, Brenda
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