Monday, February 11, 2008

Baby Buckeye 20 Weeks (Now 21)

For those who have not heard, Baby Buckeye is a BOY!!! Here are a few pictures of Dru and the growing belly as well as the kid in action in the womb. (Black is at 16 weeks, Blue is at 20 weeks.) Judge for yourself whether Dru is growing or not. She has been wearing maternity shirts more recently and is just beginning to think about the pants.

Congrats! The Ken Caldwell name will live on, while the Vernon Brown name apparently is doomed. Unless....
have you forgotten about Jordan?
Awww...thanks for sharing (just wish the photos were lighter). Dru looks beautiful, as always. Love you guys, Mom
ah yes. he's going to be a deceptive one my friend!
alzheimer's is taking hold already, i guess...
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