Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby Buckeye 24 Weeks

Actually got Dru to smile on this one. This is the little guy at 24 weeks now. Dru and I have been moving furniture around in preparation for the big day in June. I have to admit that it has been a bit fun to prepare. Dru says that we have to start thinking about registering. Ugghh...not looking forward to that. I can say that we have been blessed by Dru's family and several of our friends with a plethora of baby items to use. We can't thank you all enough.


Don't register for any onesies or receiving blankets. I have a ton put away for you, quite a few that Micah never even used...I guess I over estimated what we would need!
I remember wanting to register for beer...Sarah said no. We have a sweet crib/toddler bed if we knew how to get it to you. -M
Have you thought of a name yet? I'm not asking you to share it or anything, just wondering if you've settled on one.
I'm was hoping for a girl so thay could call her: "Mustina"

No not yet...we think we have narrowed down to about six (really four), but we're still workin' on it.

Mustina is actually his middle name right now.
Dru looks beautiful? We miss and love you
Mom...What's with the question mark? When are you going to make a definitive decision about this? Is Dru beautiful or not?
Ooooppppssss. Should have been this "!". My definitive decision is, yes, yes, yes...Dru is beautiful! You're so silly...
Adam is silly? I think there is a definitive answer to that question.

Did you see "I am Legend" is coming out on DVD? I think you should rent it, watch it about halfway through, stop it, walk outside and pretend someone called in a bomb threat, and wait until the next day to watch the whole thing.
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