Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baby Buckeye at 26 Weeks

I was actually supposed to have this up last Thursday so I apologize to those of you who have been waiting patiently. There isn't much new on the home front except that we continue to rearrange furniture. We purchased a glider this past Saturday only to open it and see that one of the arms was broken. We'll have to send that in for a new one. Other than that, the chair is great. Continue to pray for Dru because she has a lot on her plate right now. Full time job, 6 hours of grad classes, over an hour commute everyday, and oh yeah...did I mention that she's pregnant? Reading Week (i.e., Spring Break) is right around the corner so hopefully she can get a break then. Blessings to all!

Her face looks like it's filled out a bit but she's still her skinny self every where else! Not Fair!! She has that beautiful pregnant glow!
Leah called that one right, she definately has that "beautiful" pregnant glow. Love you and miss you, mom
You are married to wonder woman. We all appreciate that about her and know you do too. And I agree with the above comments: Dru has that lovely glow.
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