Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Baby Buckeye 34 1/2 Weeks

Once again I am a bit late in getting this posted. Dru and I had a "whirlwind" of a trip this past weekend in Missouri. (Literally, there were tornadoes and everything!) Of course, we were given many nice things to add to our collection of baby goods. We certainly have been blessed. Dru wanted me to let you all know that these picture were taken late at night, after a long day, right before shower and bed. So...I guess keep that in mind.

Dru - the photos need no disclaimer! You and lil Buckeye are beautiful!
I'll 2nd Meredith's comment...Grammy
Dru has a bit of a pooch there. Might want to start doing some sit ups.
Your mom can do some sit-ups.
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