Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Buckeye Week 36

I'm late. Get over it. "It's too late to apologize" as some may say. Anyway, again, this was late in the evening before shower and bed and Dru insists that I put the disclaimer with it. Yes, Dru is tired, but isn't that to be expected when you are 36 weeks pregnant, holding down a full time job, commuting over and hour a day, and completed 15 hours of post-graduation credit towards a masters during the same semester that all of this was going on? (That was a mouthful.) I think so. Shoot, Dru puts me to shame. Enjoy the pictures!

Dru, you're glowing!! Can't wait to meet the little buckeye. In case you haven't heard, Jessica is expecting sometime the first of the year.
Love to you both,
Aunt Joy
That is wonderful!!! I hadn't heard their good news -- please tell them congratulations for me.
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