Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Not Many Thoughts

Coming to the end of the semester I realize that I haven't given many thoughts on how to be a Christian this past year. Instead, I have used quotes from others to frame what I have been thinking and reading. Honestly, I think I've come to a point where I wonder if what I have to say matters beyond those I am close with and living in community with. When I first started this shindig I had delusions of grandeur thought others might actually be interested in what I have to say. Really, others have thought and said everything that I have thought or probably want to say much better than I ever could. So, I have acquiesced to giving pithy little updates about our life here in Kentucky. This certainly isn't a bad thing. I know that family appreciates it, particularly during this exciting time of pregnancy and all. To continue this somewhat stream of conscience blurb, I think that maybe I don't have much to say because I am not faced with the rigors of ministry like I was two years ago. Perhaps in a couple of years when Dru and I blow this blue grass, horse infested country side (not that I don't like horses) I will have more productive things to say. Until then, be prepared for more personal updates, useless entertaining videos, and helpful quotes from people much smarter than me. Thanks for hanging in there.

I actually enjoy those updates more than the deep theological posts...I guess I'm just shallow.
I agree with your sister regarding the theological posts...I guess I'm just shallow too. Although, I did enjoy the India papers and wished you had printed the rest of them. Perhaps you could email them to me...love you, Mom
woah, Dru is getting big! tell her I said congrats! I was just looking at her taco soup recipe the other day! :) I didn't know that you're a Battlestar Galactica fan too! God bless you guys!
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