Tuesday, May 27, 2008

"What would we be...

...without wishful thinking?" - Wilco

As I wrote the previous post I was listening to this particular Wilco song. One of my favorites. Honestly, what would we be without wishful thinking? Not much I suppose. Life is to be lived consciously I like to say. Without our hopes, thoughts, dreams we really would be nothing. Maybe we would simply be caught in the humdrum of the nine to five not knowing where we are headed or what life has in store for us. I think this may be kin to "The Prophetic Imagination" that Walter Brueggemann speaks of. Our hopes, thoughts, and dreams should always be tied to God's hopes, thoughts, and dreams. The trick is to continually remind ourselves of God's story as opposed to the consumeristic saturated world we live in which is the story of buy buy buy. May God continually sing His song in our hearts. A song of love, peace, joy, patience, long suffering, justice, and most of all unselfishness.

You listen to Wilco? You're gonna spend time in purgatory for sure....
Where I'm not sure that The Prophetic Imagination is what Mr. Tweedy had in mind considering the track is from a CD titled "A Ghost is Born," but with ears to hear...who knows. -M
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