Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby Buckeye 38 Weeks

Well, we are coming down to it. Not much to say. Enjoy the pictures. Also, if you haven't heard...Mustoe is getting married in a few days. Sorry we can't be there buddy. We both love you more than you know.

Can't wait!
I'm just waitin for the phone to ring!!! Mom C.
aaawwww, thanks guys. just so everyone knows, the caldwells were so apologetic when they told me about baby buckeye, as his due date was one day before my betrothel.

i have worked through any and all bitterness towards baby buckeye, and i truly wish him the best! uncle mustoe baby!
I fully expect you to live-blog the event, complete with pictures.
I do plan on taking the camera and the computer with me...I'll do my best, but I have to say that my first priority will be with my wife and her well being. A few pictures here and there may be all you get, but I'll do my best.
HA! the countdown looks so funny, right now it's at 11 hours!
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