Saturday, June 28, 2008

Evening Shots

Congratulations guys! He is very handsome, I would have never guessed he was going to be that big. I am glad things worked out for the 3 of you. Best wishes.

Congrats again
Amy Hash
Labor and Delivery Rn
I love looking at your pictures! I keep coming back to look at them. :) Dru- I told Scott that you have a baby boy now and he smiled from ear to ear. I can tell he is excited for you! :)

Love you
Ahh! He is sooo cute! He looks just like the both of you. I think he definitely can be a linebacker for Ohio State - he already looks like such a strong little guy!

He looks like a little Angel. Mom still looks like a spring flower. Congrats to the three of you. Luves and Hugs Gary and Beth
Awwww, I just now opened the site this evening to see if you had posted any new photos. Thank you so much for posting these. I have had great fun telling all my friends at church this morning about our little Israel. I also printed out a few photos to share as well. And tomorrow, I get to brag on him with all my co-workers. Dru, I must say, he looks just like you! Love, Mom/Brenda
Amy -- Thanks for your help yesterday morning! It was much appreciated...just the right touch of care and respect...well done.
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