Friday, June 27, 2008

Tired...But We'll Make It

Dr. Loof just visited once again. She is currently only 4 centimeters dilated after almost 12 hours of labor...the boy may be too big so we are going to try an epidural hoping that it will relax Dru enough to continue to dilate. If he is too big then we'll go and get him. No matter how you slice sucks...

I'm so sorry! The epidural should help but if you have to go get him, just make sure that they have a plan for Dru's pain management after they take out the epidural, I don't want what happened to me happening to her!
praying for Mama, baby, and Dad.
PS, so far you guys are having a very similar experience to us! My water broke at the same time in the morning and I was also very slow to dilate once admitted, although I was already 4 cm when they admitted me.
You can do it Dru!!!! God bless Stacey
I'm sorry...I totally don't know what to say! Go Dru! Yeah! Hang in there! Adam...thanks for keeping us posted! Love ya, Katherine
The epidural WILL help. I'm sorry she has labored so long. This WILL end, I promise. It will all be worth it in a few hours. Mom and dad should be there soon if they aren't already...

Much love,
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