Monday, June 30, 2008

We're HOME!!!

We arrived home this afternoon around 1:00 p.m. No question about it, we're tired but doing great. Israel loves his new bassinet and has already won over the neighbors.

Even though he's lost weight he still looks like a big boy to me!
welcome home!
Look at that fine bassinet. Glad you're home!
Morgan and snow white (according to morgan) say "hi" to baby Israel this morning.
Awwww, I know, I know, I just keep saying that! Adam, it's great to see you in a photo too. We love you guys, very much! Mom/Brenda/Grammi
Welcome home!!! I hope you are doing great and getting some rest. God bless Jonathan,Stacey,and Brody
Is Battlestar coming to the big screen>
I am pulling this blog up everyday and after further inspection, Israel looks like he could be a future "piano" player. Nice long fingers! Mom
Congratulations on the new home!
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