Saturday, October 04, 2008

More Pics

Adam & Dru,
Your little man is sooo cute and I can tell he's getting bigger.
Love to all 3,
Aunt Joy
Hey, thanks so much for posting new photos! Looking forward to "hugging" and "kissing" our precious little
OMG!!! He is so big now! Adam I think he's looking more like you did when you were small! I love the smiley, dimple pics!!! Hopefully me and the Micah Man will see you soon too!
that smile is out of control!
Oh my goodness - he is so big and so cute! (But make sure there are still some pictures of mommy and daddy.) David says Adam's beard is almost as awesome as Israel's hair.
Yeah, I get to see you soon!!!! Tell Dru we've been praying for her trip and will continue until we know they've safely returned!!
Oh Adam -
We checked into that days ago and believe we will purchase ESPN 360 for the month in order to see this game. It also makes a pretty good 30th birthday present. : ) With it being a noon game it's only 8pm here - so it's perfect. GO HORNS!
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