Saturday, November 22, 2008

OSU vs. that team up north

It's only the biggest day of the year for Buckeye fans. So, in honor of this day I thought it more than appropriate to don the sweater. This is a one time a year event (both the game and the sweater) so enjoy. I'll admit that it's not as cool as the sweater vest but it is a close second. GO BUCKS!!!

Are you doing the robot?
Our whole little fam wore OSU gear on Sunday to church. Rob and Riley are M fans so of course we had to rub in our victory!
Wow, I didn't even know you owned a "sweater". I'm
I think this is way better than a sweater vest, and also would like to comment on the added stache to the traditional Caldwell chinstrap. It ups the "Kid Rock" factor by 38%
Oh my, I didn't even notice you had shaved until Adam's comment. You totally have the Kid Rock thing going now...gross!
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